The UMB10 Battery Monitoring Unit was created for the purpose of preventing inefficiencies to UPS and DC UPS systems caused by problems with the storage batteries.

In fact, if a preventive maintenance and control activity is not carried out on this important element of the uninterruptible power supply system, one notices its inefficiency only at the time of greatest importance, i.e., when a blackout occurs. In this context, the economic and material damage is often considerable. It is precisely for this reason that performing timely, constant and continuous checks on batteries over time is of fundamental importance for the proper functioning of the uninterruptible power supply system.

The UMB10 device, with its repeated and precise checks, alerts you in advance of the onset of problems at the battery bank, thus avoiding abnormal situations at the preferred load. The UMB10 device is available as a single wall-mounted stand-alone unit or can be integrated into our battery cabinets.


– Constant control of the battery bank

– Compatible with AGM/Gel /Pb/NiCd batteries

– Easy installation

– Takes power from the battery bank being monitored

– 10 voltage measurement channels

– Easy system configuration via WEBSERVER

– Remote control via WEBSERVER

– Sends email in case of battery abnormality detection

– GENERAL FAULT relay on board

– Compatible with planned BOOST / MANUAL charge rectifiers

– MODBUS TCPIP communication

– Color backlit LCD display for:

  • immediate and intuitive diagnostics via messages
  • Measurement of battery voltage value
  • Identification of device operating status
  • Identification of the measurement channel in fault