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Began in 1996 with the birth of MULTISERVICE snc company, owner of the MTS Elettronica brand, which designs and produces AC/DC and DC/DC energy conversion equipment aimed at the industrial and tertiary market. The establishment of the MTS Elettronica brand on the national and foreign markets over the years pushed the three founding members to carry out the corporate transformation that allowed the birth of MTS Elettronica SRL.


We’re able to create targeted products that are faithful to the concrete needs of the market and designers. MTS Elettronica Srl carries out all R&D operations for its products internally; this always guarantees mastery of the product, continuous support and constant qualitative growth of our devices.

One of the main advantages of MTS Elettronica Srl is flexibility, which involves rapid responses to the user and products tailor-made for individual needs.

Thanks to the company structure and the skills acquired over the years we are able to create CUSTOM products, which are the basis of our know-how of continuous growth.


Constant commitment to provide DC safety power solutions that are increasingly reliable, convenient, designed and customized in order to meet customers expectations.


MTS Elettronica Srl offers a comprehensive support to its customers, from product selection to scheduled maintenance.


The remarkable flexibility of our productive structure allows us to realize products focused and more linked to the concrete needs of the marketplace and of the designers. MTS Elettronica Srl carries out all R&S operations of its own products – this always assure the completely control of the product, an assistance continuity and a costant qualitative growing of our devices.

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