Main features:

• Power element: IGBT or THYRISTOR depending on power.

• Isolation transformer on AC input line complete with electrostatic shield between primary and secondary

• System control with Industrial PLC

• 7 “ touchscreen panel

• Charging curve for AGM – Pb – Ni-Cd battery

• 3 charging levels including manual charging complete with safety timer

• High MTBF and low MTTR

• Easy maintenance with access from the front

• Low residual ripple in output and on batteries (Ripple)

• 5 fully user programmable alarm relays

• Temperature compensation with PT100 sensor and correction coefficient (Vel / ° c) settable by the user

• Battery Effeciency Analysis: Battery efficiency analyzer

• Automatic battery test with programmable frequency and duration

• Integrated web mail

Fields of application

Oil & Gas (petrochemical plants, offshore, pipeline)

Electricity generation (power stations, hydroelectric, transmission, distribution, utilities)

Transport (Airports, naval, rail)

Process control (Mining industry, steel mills, paper production, etc.)

Plants for desalination and water treatment


These devices are the result of careful research and development carried out by our company to achieve maximum reliability and performance in the field of DC emergency power systems. The improvements we have made now allow us to offer a single system that can be offered in different electrical configurations all with IGBT (CHOPPER) or THYRISTOR conversion technology depending on the currents required:

Single branch – abbreviation 1R

Double branch – abbreviation 2R

Double parallel branch – abbreviation 2RP

The SYSTEM CONTROL is now based on an expandable Industrial PLC, characterized therefore by a very high reliability as well as by a considerable flexibility, it allows to satisfy a greater number of technical needs and consequent applications. This section, which constitutes the “intelligent”heart of our system, is now made in a special drawer located on the inside of the main door of thecabinet and FULLY REMOVABLE thanks to the presence of a polarized connector. This solution introduces a very important advantage, in fact it is possible to replace this assembly while hot, with the machine running, without turning off the system. This is possible as the AC / DC conversion units recognize the loss of communication with the drawer and set themselves up in“AUTOMATIC SAVE MODE”, actually working independently and guaranteeing continuity of operation. Once the drawer has been replaced and the connection re-established, the AC / DC units will return to operate under the automatic control of the PLC, resuming normal and complete operation.Innovative B.E.A Battery Efficiency Analysis function that analyses the battery efficiency curve inthe event of a blackout and/or BATTERY TEST, giving an immediate overview of the functionality status.The HMI (Human Machine Interface) system has also been renewed, which now includes atouch panel, capacitive, 7 ”with excellent visibility characteristics, mechanical resistance to wear and connectivity with the outside world. Finally, a great deal of space was reserved for REMOTE CONNECTION, in fact now it is possible to control, parameterize and manage these systems in absolute safety through the INTERNET network thanks to the standard presence of the WEB SERVER function. This has an undoubted advantage that significantly improves the maintenance and technical assistance aspects in critical installations