Main features

• Power element: IGBT or THY depending on power

Insulating transformer on AC input line complete with electrostatic screen between primary and secondary

System control with industrial PLC

7” touchscreen color panel

High MTBF and low MTTR

Easy maintenance with access from the front

Low % ripple at output and batteries

Fields of application

Oil & Gas (Petrochemical, offshore, pipeline)

Power generation (Power plant, hydropower, transmission, distribution, utilities)

Transport (Airport, naval, railway)

Process control (mining industry, steelwork, paper production, etc.)

Desalination and water treatment plant


These devices are the result of careful research and development carried out by our company, aimed at obtaining maximum reliability and the best performance in the field of DC emergency power supply systems. The improvements we have made now allow us to offer a single system that can be offered in different electrical configurations, all with IGBT (CHOPPER) or THYRISTORS conversion technology depending on the currents required:

• Single branch – code 1R (IGBT or THY)

• Double branch – code 2R (one input transformer for each AC/DC module)

• Double branch – code 2R1T (a single input transformer for both AC/DC modules)

• Parallel double branch – code 2RP (one input transformer to each AC/DC module)

• Double parallel branch – code 2RP1T (a single input transformer for both AC/DC modules)

• Battery charger – code CB

The SYSTEM CONTROL is based on an industrial PLC, which is therefore characterized by very high reliability, and allows a greater number of technical requirements and consequent applications to be met. This section, which constitutes the ‘intelligent’ heart of our system, is connected to the AC/DC power units, which recognize the loss of communication with the PLC and set themselves up in ‘AUTOMATIC SAVE MODE’ working independently and guaranteeing continuity of operation. Once the connection is re-established, the AC/DC units will operate again under the automatic control of the PLC, resuming normal and complete operation. The HMI (Human Machine Interface) system features a 7″ resistive touch panel with excellent visibility and mechanical resistance to wear.