Main features

• Inverter MOSFET with low loss at high frequency with high efficiency

• Wide DC input range

• Output 230Vac, single phase, pure sinewave

• Isolating transformer on the inverter output

• Limit inrush current at power start

• DSP microprocessor for inverter control and management user interfaces

• Display and leds for greater information on the status of the inverter

• Self-diagnosis of faults


• Pulse input (TTL)

• E.P.O. (Emergency Power Off)

• Alarms on dry contact

• Internal static bypass switch

• Communication interface RS232 and software for monitoring and management

• SNMP adapter with software


The new MTS-INV series inverters are the result of careful studies to develop a high efficiency and high performance product, all made in a compact box. These DC / AC conversion systems take energy from direct voltage sources such as rectifiers and buffer batteries, guaranteeing power and continuity even when the AC power sources are no longer available.

Thanks to the numerous versions available as input voltage and power, the uses can be different and therefore ideal for supplying quality power and continuity to the equipment, for example routers etc. or in some electrical transformer substations for the 110Vdc versions. Optional interfaces allow remote monitoring even if installed in unmanned environments.