These devices are the result of careful research and development carried out by our company, aimed at obtaining maximum reliability and the best performance in the field of DC emergency power supply system.

• Power device convertion: IGBT

• Control type: PWM HF

• Incoming isolation transformer at mains frequency: OK

• Electrostatic shield: OK

• uP of supervision

• LCD with backlit alphanumeric display

• High effeciency

• High reliability

• Extractable 5U rack-format AC/DC module for quick and easy assistance thanks to polarized extractable connectors.

• Easy maintenance with access from the front

• Low output ripple

• Extended frequency input range

• Output overload indication

• Acknowledgeable audible alarm

Main features

Power element: IGBT

Insulating transformer on AC input line complete with electrostatic screen between primary and secondary

System control with industrial PLC

High MTBF and low MTTR

Easy maintenance with access from the front

Low % ripple at output and batteries

Field of application

Oil & Gas (Petrochemical, offshore, pipeline)

Power generation (Power plant, hydropower,

transmission, distribution, utilities)

Transport (Airport, naval, railway)

Process control (mining industry, steelwork, paper production, etc.)

Desalination and water treatment plant