Table Version - Cod. RA-09


Main features

This device can manage up to four inputs with signals coming from voltage- free contacts (relays) associated with as many LED indications. The selection of the type of input contact, (it is possible to manage types of contact both Normally Open and Normally Closed) occurs through internal dip-switches available in single form for each channel, moreover, each input is provided with the excitation delay function adjustable by trimmer, in a range between 0 ÷ 300 sec. giving the device a feature of unparalleled flexibility in use.

On the front panel there are six LEDs and a button, namely:

• n° 4 red color for input channels status

• n° 1 green color for regular operation status

• n° 1 red color for general failure status

• n° 1 button with acoustic alarm silencing function and LED test 

The contacts (COM-NO-NC) of a relay associated with the general fault function are also made available on the terminal board so as to signal the status also to other external devices. The connections to the four input channels are available through a modular terminal block and / or via an RJ45 connector for a Cat.5 twisted cable (only in the RA-09 version). The RA-09 device requires a 12 VDC power supply guaranteed by an external 230 VAC input power supply unit supplied as standard.